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What Does Sealing Do For Pavers?

Sealing is meant to protect your pavers from the elements such as rain and sun. It creates an invisible and protective barrier on top of the pavers that helps repel oil and water and anything else you might accidentally spill on it. Sealing also preserves the pavers' natural beauty.

How Long Does The Process Take?

This process can take one to two days (weather permitting).
The first day we clean all of the problem areas then clean all the pavers with an industrial hot water pressure washer. We also wash out all of the debris and old sand between the pavers. Depending on the type of sealer we use, we can add the sealer the same day or wait until the project is dry then come back and seal it.
We like to add two coats to our sealing projects to really help the pavers look new again and to keep them looking that way for as long as possible.

How Long Does The Sealer Last?

Depending on the type of sealer we use (there are a number of options), the amount of direct sunlight the area receives and the overall vehicle use, the sealer can last two to three years.

Paver Protection Products

Natural Stabilizing Sealer: A solvent free sealer that will not kill plants or damage building materials. It’s designed to protect the pavers and stabilize the joint sand while keeping the Interlocking pavers to their natural look with a slight satin sheen.

Enhancing Stabilizing Sealer: A breathable sealer that will increase protection and stain resistance. It’s eco friendly and solvent free so it will not kill plants or damage building materials. This type of sealer penetrates into the pores and seals the surface with a beautiful, lustrous, semi-gloss finish.

Wetlook Stabilizing Sealer: A solvent based sealer with satin protection. Easy to clean and shields against the environment. It’s long lasting and creates a dark, wet look.