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PaverTown Jax. is a company devoted to providing unwavering principles of
quality, integrity, and value. We are interlocking paving stone specialists offering exceptional results at an affordable cost.
Stone pavers are a unique product and system that excels in its ability to provide a beautiful, functional, and extremely durable surface for your outdoor lifestyle. The result is dramatic and surprisingly affordable. We will work with you to create a look that both you AND PaverTown Jax will take pride in.

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♦Drive on Real Driveways

If you are trying to decide between a poured concrete driveway and a paver driveway there are some important things you should consider. You may not be as familiar with pavers as you are with the traditional poured concrete. If that’s the case, you will probably be happy to learn about some of the applaudable benefits of pavers.

♦The Beauty of patios

Trained masons can lay patios that will stand the test of time versus a patio that is more prone to chips and cracking or a badly laid patio that can be easily displaced just by someone walking across it.  When deciding on a professional, choose someone with over 15 years of experience beautifying homes.

♦Elegance Pavers for Pools

Your poolside area can be much more than just an outdoor area. It can be a beautiful extension of your home representing your individual style. With the selections of pavers available that come in a wide array of unique colors and patterns making it easy to satisfy any taste. Choose from a classic or traditional look, rustic or natural complimenting the natural beauty of your pool and landscaping. With pavers, the choices of colors, textures, shapes and sizes are endless.

♦ Choosing PaverTown Jax for your pavers project in Jacksonville area means choosing quality.



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